About Vance

I live in Washington, DC, but my heart is in the desert shooting photos with the beautiful wide open skies. You will often find me traveling to Nevada or California to get my desert photo fix.

In 2004 while taking a lighting class, I was tasked with finding a model to pose nude for a class assignment. The model I found happened to be a fetish model with her own pay site, and we agreed to trade content. We hit it off, and I started shooting with her almost every weekend. Soon after that my photos started catching the attention of other local models, including the now famous Miss Mosh. The rest is history.


Marquis - Vanity Fair - Rolling Stone - TheFetishista.com - Sonic Seducer - Goliath Books - Secret Magazine - Bizarre Magazine - Nylonzine - Worlds Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Fangoria Magazine 

Projects and Booking 

I am currently working on my Helmet Nudes series. If you would like to shoot with me in Washington, DC, it is likely only to happen if you are interested in posing for the series. Please contact me so we can discuss whether or not a shoot would be mutually beneficial.